SKY ENGINE AI completes $1.2M in funding to launch Machine Learning in Virtual Reality platform
SKY ENGINE AI completes $1.2M in funding to launch Machine Learning in Virtual Reality platform

London, UK — August 24, 2021 — SKY ENGINE AI today announced it has closed a $1.2M financing round in July 2021 led by Movens Capital and High-Tech Gründerfonds. The funding will be used to accelerate its growth and product innovation to enable SKY ENGINE to further capitalize on its position as a leader in Machine Learning for Computer Vision and Synthetic data platforms.

SKY ENGINE AI is a UK-based data science technology vendor that builds the industry’s first Evolutionary Platform for Machine Learning in Virtual Reality that solves massive business problems of an acquisition of balanced datasets, data labeling and AI models’ accuracy in computer vision.

SKY ENGINE is targeting the AI in computer vision market which is estimated to be valued at USD 15.9 billion in 2021 and reach USD 51.3 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 26.3%. SKY ENGINE…

By Jakub Pietrzak

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In AI and computer vision, data acquisition is costly and time-consuming and human-based labeling can be error-prone. The accuracy of the models is also affected by insufficient and poorly balanced data and the prolonged time required to improve the deep learning models. It always requires the reacquisition of data in the real world.

The collection, preparation of data, and development of accurate and reliable software solutions based on AI training is an extremely laborious process. …

By Sirisha Rella and Mengdi Huang, NVIDIA

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Sky Engine AI for Data Generation in Deep Learning in Virtual Reality Platform

Data plays a crucial role in creating intelligent applications. To create an efficient AI/ ML app, you must train machine learning models with high-quality, labeled datasets. Generating and labeling such data from scratch has been a critical bottleneck for enterprises. Many companies prefer a one-stop solution to support their AI/ML workflow from data generation, data labeling, model training/fine-tuning, and deployment.

To fast track the end-to-end workflow for developers, NVIDIA has been working with several partners who focus on generating large…

SKY ENGINE Joins NVIDIA Metropolis Partner Program
SKY ENGINE Joins NVIDIA Metropolis Partner Program

London, UK & Santa Clara, US — April 8th, 2021 — SKY ENGINE AI, a UK-based data science technology company that develops innovative software used for artificial intelligence and computer vision, today announced it has joined the NVIDIA Metropolis Partner Program.

Sky Engine AI receives another purchase order for its evolutionary AI system for computer vision applications

10 June 2020, London UK, Warsaw PL – Sky Engine Limited (UK) has received a purchase order for software license of its evolutionary Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine for Computer Vision applications from a Smart Tracking (PL) company developing state-of-the-art sport analytics solutions. Sky Engine delivers its proprietary AI platform enabling production of a top-notch AI models trained in virtual reality including ground-breaking functionalities like synthetic data rendering system on multi-GPU with domain adaptation, ultrafast computation speed, 4D adaptive data generation system and gardens of tailored deep learning neural networks.

Sky Engine will showcase again during the world’s largest AI conference
Sky Engine will showcase again during the world’s largest AI conference
Sky Engine will showcase again during the world’s largest AI conference

Sky Engine has been invited second year in a row to set up the Deep Learning Workshops providing Instructor-Led Training at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC), taking place March 22–26, 2020 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California.

SCANIA gets an edge of innovation with SKY ENGINE AI

Sky Engine has received a purchase order for the development of Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision analytics system, based on its first on the market self-learning AI platform, from a major trucks and vehicles manufacturer SCANIA AB from Sweden. Sky Engine provides a high-quality AI models training in virtual reality and has ground-breaking features like multi-spectral imaging (MSI), ultrafast computation speed, 4D adaptive data generation, multi-GPU data rendering with domain adaptation tools and gardens of deep learning neural networks.

With this order, Sky Engine will be used as AI analytics system and will support all of the service revenue optimisation options.

Sky Engine selected as 1 of 25 among 275 startups, Oxford UK

We are pleased to announce Sky Engine’s admission to the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. CDL-Oxford received 275 applications from 24 countries, and Sky Engine’s team is one of 25 companies admitted to this year’s cohort in the Artificial Intelligence Stream.

We are excited to join the CDL community and look forward to working with business and research partners from UK and Canada this year.

CDL-Oxford is located at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School. The first CDL site in Europe, CDL-Oxford maximizes the probability of success for science and technology-based startups from…

SKY ENGINE partners up with Allegorithmic, an ADOBE company to extend capabilities of Sky Engine AI Platform

London, 13 May 2019 — ALLEGORITHMIC, an Adobe company, and SKY ENGINE have signed an agreement that provides for integration between Sky Engine’s AI platform and Allegorithmic’s Substance Designer to massively extend what is possible today in the field of self-learning AI for computer vision.

Sky Engine is solving some of the biggest challenges in computer vision today. The problem is massive amounts of data are needed for training the AI models used in computer vision, and often this data must be labeled by a human first. …

Sky Engine

SKY ENGINE AI — Evolutionary AI Platform for Deep Learning in Virtual Reality for ANY Computer Vision applications.

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