Sky Engine AI receives another purchase order for its evolutionary AI system for computer vision applications

SKY ENGINE receives purchase order from Smart Tracking sport analytics company developing volleyball tracking system

10 June 2020, London UK, Warsaw PL – Sky Engine Limited (UK) has received a purchase order for software license of its evolutionary Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine for Computer Vision applications from a Smart Tracking (PL) company developing state-of-the-art sport analytics solutions. Sky Engine delivers its proprietary AI platform enabling production of a top-notch AI models trained in virtual reality including ground-breaking functionalities like synthetic data rendering system on multi-GPU with domain adaptation, ultrafast computation speed, 4D adaptive data generation system and gardens of tailored deep learning neural networks.

Sky Engine AI will boost capabilities of extremely precise volleyball analytics system of Smart Tracking
Sky Engine AI — The very first evolutionary AI engine designed for ray tracing and deep learning for computer vision applications.

About Smart Tracking

Smart Tracking is a technological startup of unique and exceptionally high qualifications. Smart Tracking team consists of driven specialists who decided to join their passion, knowledge and experience in order to create a vision system designed to correct mistakes made by volleyball referees. Smart Tracking method combines multiple areas of technology: 2D and 3D data processing, optics, mechanics, mathematics, electronics, computer graphics and optimization. Most of Smart Tracking staff are members of the academic community affiliated to the Warsaw University of Technology. Smart Tracking is an interdisciplinary team with an extensive experience in creating optomechatronic systems.

About Sky Engine

Sky Engine is an advanced data science technology and research company that develops innovative software solutions to improve computer vision. The company markets the Sky Engine deep learning platform, which is the next-generation of self-learning AI system for image and video analysis applications. The company was founded as a research and scientific spin-off in UK.

About Sky Engine Platform

The Sky Engine evolutionary deep learning and ray tracing platform is designed to overcome the complex object recognition challenges of modern machine/computer vision. It represents the future of self-learning in artificial intelligence technology, supporting efficient and cost effective workflows. Many image recognition tasks require acquisition of large amounts of data and manual data labelling. Sky Engine is designed to replace that. Sky Engine efficiently drives self-learning processes and offers advanced features for object discrimination, workflow automation and adaptive deep learning. Sky Engine is designed for tomorrow’s requirements in advanced analytics and decision support enabling AI business transformation.

About Sky Engine client solutions

Sky Engine creates flexible and innovative AI vision solutions tailored to customer needs and supports a wide range of industries, providing systems for a variety of data science needs, ensuring business partners get greater value from existing equipment.

SKY ENGINE AI — Evolutionary AI Platform for Deep Learning in Virtual Reality for ANY Computer Vision applications.